Born 1991 Chorzów (Poland)
Academy of Fine Arts Katowice (2011-2017)
Solo exhibitions:
2013 Batory Gallery, Chorzów, PL
2014 Live Gallery, Radio Katowice, PL
2014 On the floor, MOKSiR Chrzanów, PL
2014 Ite at Iosef, Chorzów, PL
2015 TAB Gallery, Warsaw, PL
2016 Live Gallery, Radio Katowice, PL
2016 Palace of Culture, Dąbrowa Górnicza, PL
2016 Market Square, Maastricht, NL
2016 Molo, Sopot, PL
2016 Taverne Gutenberg, Lyon, FR
2017 Before the premiere, Fra Angelico Gallery, Katowice, FR
Collective Exhibitions:
2017: Flux exhibition, London, UK
2017: Shenzhen Art Fair, Shenzhen, China
2013: Hajduczanin, PL
2014: Our Katowice, PL
2014: Chorzowianin, PL
2015: Wywrota.pl, PL
2016: Silesia Magazine, PL
Artistic residence:
2016: Glo-art Centre, Belgium
When I come to my studio in everyday work day, I try to work as best as possible. The cross-section of my works are about people. Painting inclines to discussion and reflection. It should to seduce. The image is composed of several layers: the most important is the invisible layer - under the painting. I am anxious to paint beautifully, even when I talk about a serious problem.
Cyprian Nocoń